Troubles on the Turns - And Other Things

Hi, I have only had my unicycle a week, and I can’t figure out turning. I frequently have to battle an unintentional left handed turn; this natural left hand drift makes left hand turns a cinch, but I cannot make a right handed turn for the life of me. When I try a right turn, it seems to be a very jerky, twisting motion, that physically rotates the uni around, underneath me, not at all like a turn. What even happens sometimes is I make the twisting motion, and then I accidentally turn left when balancing out of it, and get an extreme “wobble” going. Can anyone help me figure out how to stop drifting and how to correctly, smoothly turn?

Turn 270 degrees to the left:p Just start out doing what you can to make the turn work, don’t worry about how smooth it is, that will come. It’s natural to have a strong side and it is very apparent when you start riding. The more you ride the more comfortable you will get with turning to the left and turning in general. As you ride more unicycling will become more natural and you don’t have to focus so much on just riding strait. Then your turns will naturally start getting smoother. It is one of the few things in unicycling where all you have to do to get good at it is just ride more. You’ll be surprised with how much you’ll improve in the next few weeks.

Happy Holidays and I hope that could help.

Pretty much comes with experience. I too couldn’t consistently turn right after I learnt. You’ll just get it in time as you learn to ride smoother…

The answer is given by yourself: you’ve only had your uni for a week. Give it some more time. If you can ride at all after a week, you’re doing fine already!

So no secret, just ride… I can do that =D

Out of curiousity, how long does it normally take to learn to ride? I would love to convince friends to get one and learn, but I would hate to mislead them and have them give up, simply because the time frame I gave them was wrong.

Thanks for the answers guys/gals!

A usual answer is 10 to 20 hours, but really it depends. On this page you can find an Excel spreadsheet that takes the most significant factors into account, and gives an estimate of someone’s learning time.

On the same page is another spreadsheet that you can use yourself (since you can ride already) to get a personal unicycling “talent score”.