Troubles installing my first disc brake.

Guys 'n Girls please help.

I just got myself a brand-new Nimbus Oracle 36".
Putting it together was so far so good until, the disc brake.
I just can’t seem to get the part where the disk needs to slide between wide enough. I tried this:

Did not work it’s still way to close together.

Bought my Nimbus all stock so it’s a “Disc Brake Set - Shimano Standard”.

Advice please =)
(I’m off to get a pipe cutter. :wink: )

did you pull the brake lever while the rotor was not between the pads?

Yes I did, but the (little orange) place holder was still between the pads. Pull that out and they closed further.

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Well that’s something new I leared today, never pull your break without a rotor. Tried resetting (read! Gently pushing the pads further apart with a screwdriver) again, again and, again, last time lasted about 4 to 5 times of braking. But the pads keep touching the rotor. Guess I’ll hop by my local bikeshop tomorrow…

hm… strange. While it’s best not to pull the level without the disk, it’s really no big deal and just requires that you spread the calipers by pushing them back (e.g. when the pads wear down and you put new ones in you also have to spread the pads).

When spreading you have to be careful not to damage the brake pads or the caliper. As you usually spread the pads when replacing, the best way is to leave the old worn-out pads in and spread with a screwdriver (the old pads gets marred but they’re worn out anyway). I even keep old pads just for this.

As you probably don’t have old pads for your disk brake model, you have to do something else.

Do not simply pry the screwdriver on the bare calipers as you may damage them. Probably best to insert some small metal or wood plates to protect the calipers.

I’ve seen a few cases where I was not able to spread the pads. One was that the brake was old and the caliper was siezed in place (should not be the case with a new brake unless it is defective). I eventually pushed hard enough and the whole caliper fell into pieces.

The more common problem is that the brake system was overfilled with brake fluid such that the caliper cannot be pushed back as the brake line is full and cannot be compressed, i.e. the lever is at the limit. First check your limit screw on the brake lever if it maybe goes back more. If not, the solution would involve bleeding the brake but if it’s new (your post says brand-new) then this shouldn’t be the case and if so then the seller should handle the problem.

Alright, I feel a bit stupid right now, but I’ve got it to work properly today. I never installed the brake like you should. I forgot to hold the brake closed when screwing the brake in place.
Took it out for a ride and no problems whatsoever.

Thank you guys for your input, much appreciated!