Troubled eBay 36"er

Folks, good replies all. Thanks for the input. I especially your reply, Joe Marshall, “These slipping hubs are common on very cheap no name unicycles. If you are very lucky you might get one that holds up on a 20” for a small kid but for normal sized people and bigger wheels, they are useless and will break quickly. Good hubs are designed to avoid this problem."

Again, JCP has been REALLY good about dealing with this. Sure it is a bother, but this is a new product for them and they’re working hard to make things right.

I think I’ll just get a KH. Now the questions is do I get a 29"er or 36". The 29er will allow me to ride in the desert a bit more, I think.

I’ll try to upload a picture of the hub and a weld once my internet is back up. Internet service has been down all day in the NE part of Phoenix, AZ and the network which I’m using now blocks image transfers.

I like the “buy what unicyclists ride”. Good advice.

Hm… 29 or 36… 29 or 36?