Trouble with riding 20" after riding larger wheels

I’ve been mostly riding 29" and 36" lately, and now I’ve found that I have a hard time riding my 20"! I’m so used to pushing the weight and mass of a 36 that when I ride my 20" I look like I don’t even know how to ride because I am jerking all over the place.

Has anyone else had issues with this? Do I just need to ride my 20" more often to keep it in memory?

I think you’ll adjust easy enough. Happens to me all the time after riding my 29’er.
Means your riding a lot…and that is good.

I get the feeling simply by wearing a different pair of shoes. I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it.

at this point i ride my 20 the most to big wheels feel weird


If I ride one a bunch then get on the other there is always an adjustment period. If I only ride my Muni for a few weeks it can take ~ 5 min to readjust. I sometimes like to commute on the 20 (because it’s lower to the ground and harder to roll over stuff). I’ll do that all week for the first few revs I can barely ride at all.

This was more prevelant in my first couple of years.

Riding and switching between them regularly helps, esp. from the extremes ie ride the 36 & 20 regularly then jump on the 24 or 29 and you are at home.

Edit: the same is true w/ different riding styles and particular tricks. Ride each style you have interest in (flat, Muni, road, etc) and practice all your tricks regularly (a few times a month for each works for me).

Isn’t your largest wheel a 24"?..

I ride my uncles prehistoric big wheel

Any photos of that?

can get some when i see him next