Trouble with learning how to ride my Uni

I’m having trouble learning to ride my Unicycle, I’ve had it ever since my 11th birthday, now I’m 12 (nearly 13), I still can’t ride it… I’ve practised about 15 hours a week, had it for a year and I still can’t ride it, but I really want to learn. Furthest I’ve been was about 18 feet, but that was a fluke (Not to mention bashed my knees against the wall at the end of the room). Any suggestions how to ride my Uni? At the moment I’m doing that way where you ride down the hallway, but that doesn’t seem to be working.

Wo wowowow.

A year?

No offense, but that sounds like BS.
Keep at it!

A good way to learn is on a long fence, that what made me learn

If you can find a railing or a wall with flat ground beside it try going along those. I learnt against a wall but I hear that a railing is better because you can both push and pull with a railing.

Mount your uni beside the wall/railing and roll the wheel back and forth a little bit to get the feel of it Then try going forward half revolutions at a time, using the wall for support. Once you can do that comfortably try going a full rotation at a time. Then two rotations, and if you can do two rotations you can just keep on going after that. At this stage you try to use the wall/rail as little as possible and eventually you will be able to ride away from your aide.

A gradual downhill slope may help you think more about keeping your balance and less on going forward. if you can find a long gradual wheelchair ramp with a rail that would be ideal. The most important thing for me when learning to ride was to think of it as trying to keep the uni underneath me instead of trying to stay on the uni.

Another thing is people who believe that they can do it learn a lot faster than people who are pessimistic of their chances. If you really have been actively trying to learn for over a year then you almost for sure have some sort of mental block. Don’t think about your failures but think of what you have achieved and how you can use that towards your goal of riding.

Good luck and have fun!

Arm flailing: When you get away from the support wall, throw your arms around to find balance.

Weight on the seat, not the pedals.

My friend learned with all his weight on the pedals, and he would actually stand up when he rode. Like you, he would barely get more then 10-20 feet.

After forcing him to sit down on the saddle, and put his weight on the saddle and not so much on the pedals, he learned to ride properly and ca now ride for as long as he wants.

What size and type of tire? Have you tried riding outside?
Maybe seeing a clear way in front of you might help.

Yeah, look foward to where you want to go, and not at the ground infront of you, it will help.

Oh ok thanks for the tip guys, I’ll try that after I get a new Unicycle seat; My brother ripped my other one :open_mouth:

Buy a goooooooood one!