Trouble with 360 Unispins

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone can help me with a little problem I have. When I 360 unispin, the spin itself sort of cause the unicycle to move, either to the right or left, which in turn makes it harder to land, sometime moving the pedals which causes an even bigger problem. Does anyone have any tips on how I can fix this, all would be much appreciated,


I have an idea. I can’t land 360 unispins, but to get the spin down, spin it by itself on the ground. spin it as fast as you can, and work on making the seat stay straight up and the wheel stay in the same place.

with 180’s you have mroe room when you jump to spin it later, but like with 360’s you have start spinning almost mmediately when your feet leave, and start returning after its spun maybe 230 degrees or so. it was really really hard for me. the hardest trick or thing ive done in my life. as far as like the trun causing it to sway, i just recommend that your hand position be holding the seat in the middle where it dips down so its controlled. thats all i gots.

I had the same problem also but then when i jumped and spun it i would just pick it up about an inch or two off the ground and so the wheel doesnt roll and make the unicycle move…i still dont have them down though