trouble removing the tire

my tire on my 24 inch nimbus cycle is worn out in one place and i was trying to rotate it so that it wouldnt wear down any further but when i tried to take it off the rim it seemed too tight and the tire lever almost broke and i was scared i would damage the rim. does anybody have any tips or secrets to make it easier or something

There is a link in my sig to getting trials tires off, cause those are a pin to get off.

Just follow the same instructions and youll get the tire off quickly.

Steel levers. They make it alot easier…Also a longer lever to get more force will help alot too… Look in the articles and tutorials section of the forum, theres is a tire removal guide there.

Edit-Jerrick beat me.

i used spoons to get mine off, i dunno what them tools are but i just used spoons

easy and fast

If its on an Alex rim then yeah…thats probly not a good thing…Or maybe your just super strong…

thanks guys i just went outside and tried what the first guy recomended and it worked like a charm

by the way instead of using soapy water i just put some spit on it and it worked just fine

by the way instead of using soapy water i just used put some spit on it


(napoleon dynamite)

hehehe ew.