Trouble jumping

Hey, I ride a 24" Muni, and i’ve recently been trying to hop, with little luck. It seems to be the case that i can’t actually hop onto anything that i couldn’t easily roll over. Does anyone have any advice on how to get more height?

take your weight of the pedals while jumping or you will be trying to pull yourself up instead of jumping.

Do you have the seat set low enough that there is some clearance beteen yourself and the saddle when you stand up to hop? Sidehop is much easier for beginners, I’m really no good but can get 12" on a 24" Muni. Make sure you bend your knees as you hop, don’t hold your legs rigid like you probably did when you first learnt to hop. Also, folding you torso forward as you hop means you don’t raise your centre of gravity as much giving you more height.

I don’t know if this will help you but what helped me when i was learning was to go…stand up and lock my legs. then start jumping up and down. May just be a personal preference though. I don’t really know.


  1. Try searching the forum because there is a LOT of advice in past threads.
  2. I recommend going to a grassy field and hopping a total of 500 yards (take some days).
    That will increase your skill quickly enough that you’ll notice the improvement.