Just a quickie, filmed today.

first 5 spin on film,

really cool video and nice 540 unispin.

the only thing i didnt like was the music:(

Dam right I keep asking.

And it was nice ^.^

The 5spin was nice because it seemed as though you landed on the pedals, not the cranks.

Nice 540 :P.

Reckon you’ll beat me to 720?

Ha ha, we’ll see. Probably not seen as you can 540 consistent, I’m not consistent yet. However i can spin the 720, just not land it so yeah, who knows

Good riding, my only criticism is the filming angles at the start - it gave me a head ache.
I cannot comment on the music as i didnt hear it coz i am at work!
Keep it up! LOVED the 5spin, looked nice and clean :slight_smile:


Yeah the weird angles were just there for something different, turns out that they weren’t ideal haha.

Thanks everyone for the comments!

Queer!! No 720s before doubleflips, treys and all that jazz!

Well I could 540 before I could even crankflip, so why not? But yeah I’ll just start trying 720s when I feel I can 540 easily. Even though I have them pretty consistent it still takes heaps of effort to throw it. I’ll spend more time practising flip tricks from now on.

Haha, I"ll land my first one for you too then. ;D

just for future reference, try to get shots a little farther away if you are going to be filming in motion, it should make your shots smoother and easier to watch.

otherwise, good vid, with good riding and such.

is that an onza limey with a different frame?
oh yeah good vid :slight_smile:

lol no its not its a regular nimbus isis with tensile cranks.He painted the rim,seat clamp and insaide of the cranks red