Trixionary... contribute

Hello everybody,

a longer time ago I announced the Trixionary. A little while later I announced the Trixionary v2. New in that version is the support for media data like pictures and videos.

What is the Trixionary. The Trixionary is a repository for unicycling tricks. It is hosted on the german site By all the sites with explanations on tricks out there, they all missing the feature of user contribution for explanations. Key features of the Trixionary are:

  • Adding tricks and explanations
  • toggle views for explanations (beginner, profi, detailed, trainer and trainer tipps)
  • vote on explanations (that must be changed, the current system is not working)
  • Support for pictures and videos (supported players: quicktime/media player/real player/flash).

You can hit the Trixionary here:

(Sorry that this is in german, but I think you will make it through)

Have a look in the freestyle category where I and Peter Hahn contributed some explanations as well as Peter gave me some pictures to add. Then look into the street category. Germany isn’t well populated with street riders, so we are missing some street pictures and videos. Shaun has confirmed that we can use his tutorial videos and they are added to the Trixionary. I know you guys having photos of yourself doing a special trick and I would love to see them in the Trixionary, aren’t you? In case you have videos that can be used for explanational purpose feel free to send them to me. Shaun’s videos are definately what I’m looking for but I accept simplier ones. Slow-Motion would help a lot on many tricks.

If you make it through the registration process you are invited to add explanations in english, but that’s optional, haha.

Send me your stuff to (remove the NOSPAM) or add a comment here in this thread.

I’m excited what’s comming in.

P.S. who’s the guy doing the Hickflip? I used the video to test the video functionality… :roll_eyes:

Ride On

That is Alex Toms doing the hickflip in that clip.

Hey, you can also post you pictures here! That would be fine :slight_smile: