Trivial Pursuit

I was playing Trivial Pursuit, the board game, this weekend. Here is one of the questions I had from the category “Game Time”.

“What unusual rough-terrrain sport is abbrieviated MUni?”

I couldn’t believe it! I wonder how hard of a question this would be to regular folks. Anyway, I just thought this was very cool.

So what’s the answer? Damn…I loose trivial pursuit every time I play!

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You know, if you’re having problems with regularity, there are things that you can take…


Trivial Pursuit

Only losers play that “game”.

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that’s insane!


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Hey, that’s my spelling (capitalization)! And a very interesting trivia question. I don’t expect most people to get it, yet.

You are in Ohio? I must know the specific version of the game you found this in, so I can arrange for someone to buy it for me for Christmas :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it an add-on pack for the standard game? Is there a copyright date or other specific labeling to this set one would need to know to not buy the wrong one? Thanks.

BTW, what was given as the answer?

Stay on top,
John Foss

Just this weekend I bought the 20th Anniversary Edition of Trivial Pursuit. I think this version is just for this year (2002 is the anniversary). It deals only with questions from the past 20 years. Of the 3,600 questions that come with the game, this was one of them. Link:Trival Pursuit

Q: “What unusual rough-terrrain sport is abbrieviated MUni?”

Answer: Mountain Unicycling

Of the eight people playing the game, all of which know of my unicycling, only my wife (not including me) knew the answer. And they had all watched Universe before! (I made them watch it :))

20 years? Does this make anyone else feel really old? I know it came out slightly later in the UK, but numbers like that make me think that people might be right when they say I’m too old for all these toys.

Have fun!


Thanks for the info.

Guess what’s going to find it’s way under the Christmas tree at my house this year? :slight_smile: The game looks like fun anyway, at least after watching the TV commercial they assembled for it.


Yes and no. I graduated college when Trivial Pursuit came out and I remember playing it then. Yes, that makes me feel a bit old.

However, this has been greatly ameliorated by conquering the freemounting of a giraffe this year. I often think that while for some men a sporty red convertible (way, way, way out of my price range) is the key to dealing with their midlife crises, for me the unicycle (and juggling) have been mine.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


I was playing Pictionary Junior with my kid this afternoon and although less dramatic than the MUni reference in Trivial Pursuit was the category “Fun and Games” which included “Unicycling” as a choice. She didn’t have too much trouble with that one.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ