Thinking about selling my 24" Triton muni. 2 tire options. Very good condition Duro or the Specialized Big Roller sport that’s on it now with less than 10 miles on. Setup tubeless on Kris holm rim. Mad4one hub. Drilled/machined 150 moment cranks. Titanium axle/magnesium body pedals. Magura hs 33 brakes. Impact seatpost. Kris holm fusion/free ride saddle .11.5 pounds ready to ride…only interested in selling to fund my next Triton build up. I also have a 27.5 plus I built. Aluminum frame 500 grams. My cromolly axle/aluminum disc hub. Titanium spokes. Brass nipples. Stan’s Hugo 52 rim. Panaracer Fat B Nimble 27.5 x 3.50 plus tire setup tubeless. Drilled /machined moment 150 cranks. Titanium axle / magnesium body pedals. Avid disc brake with 140 mm disc. Impact seatpost. Kris holm fusion / free ride saddle. Just under 11 pounds ready to ride. Wife says I need to sell one or the other in order to build the next one! The 27.5 I will only sell as a whole, the 24 I could part out. Pm me if interested. I will post more pictures when I can figure out how. This one was an accident that I can’t seem to replicate!

2017-01-07 15.03.21.jpg

27.5 plus

This is my 27.5 plus. I have been working on this for the last 5 months. The hub alone has 8 hours in it.

2017-01-07 16.34.37.jpg

27.5 plus

Me and the youngster taking the 27.5 plus out for its first muni. She is on a 24" . The 27.5 plus is a tad over 29" diameter

2017-01-07 16.48.15.jpg

Nice car too!

Love the 27.5, how much would you sell it for? I assume it can’t have rim brakes as there were no titanium frames made in that size… or am I assuming wrong?


Easy to do disk brake on any Triton. Just need a bearing cap caliper mount and kris holm disc crank arm. The current Maggi setup works well too! This is the nice set with adjustable reach and pad ingajement. Kris holm spooner on the end witch I also like very much. I have about $850 in the 27.5 plus if my labor was free. I’m gonna send the frame off to powder coat next week. You can choose the color if you want, otherwise it’s going to be orange. I am only selling it to fund my next fat Triton . I would prefer to keep the 24 as my 8 year old daughter will likely want it as soon as she can reach the pedals comfortably.

Triton 24

Triton 24 no longer available. I have decided to just keep it and save it for my daughter when she is ready to move up to a better muni. The 27.5 I will repost after the fork is back from powder coat.