Triton, with Carbon and Ti parts

I haven’t been riding nearly enough to deserve this beauty of a uni. I really love the thing though so it will take a lot to let this relic go.

I have some debts I need to pay off as well so I think it’s time to let this go.

The specs, from seatcover down:

Black Fusion cover
KH street foam
KH bumpers, no cracks but usual bit of scratches
KH carbon base in great condition with bits of orange tubing around the sides for SIF grips.
KH alu post (I will throw a brand new older style one in, I used this post because it was AFAIK the lightest available but apparently fragile)
triple 8 single bolt seatpost clamp, super light
Triton frame in great condition
Original KH Ti hub, I bought one of the very first to come out, no issues whatsoever and it’s lighter than the current Ti hub
Not sure what year the rim is, but it was from the first batch that they started doing the ovalized holes in, it has barely been ridden and the wheel build was done by the best bike shop in Ottawa specializing in DH and DJ gear, amazing wheel builders there.
Qu-ax 125mm street cranks
Monty eagle claw tire.

For pedals it has some odysseys that change colour from white to pink right now, but I have some white miyata’s in pretty good shape and some orange animal Hamiltons that still have tons of life in them that I will throw in with it.

At the moment I have no camera, but I think my asking price will probably scare away most people for now anyways.

I rarely check Unicyclist aside from videos so don’t bother with PMs, just email me ntappin at gmail dot com!

I’m looking for 1300 including shipping within North America.

I will part it out, but only if I get the same amount for it, and yes I know it’s probably more than anyone is willing to pay for it, but I don’t really want to sell it, I need a fair amount of money for it to be worth it to me, and I will still want a uni that size so I will need to buy a new uni on top of that.

I’ll knock it down to 900 if you have a splined freestyle uni for trade that I like.

Also looking for a 7-eleven cycling jersey size small.

is the frame the old style? How much for just the frame and the tire? and maybe the base :smiley:
PM me yo


The frame is the original Triton Sponge. I’ve ridden this uni a few times, it’s in good condition and it looks awesome!

Also Nathan, do you have a spare KH 27.2mm seatpost you would sell me? I’ll need a longer post for my Triton :sunglasses:

You should have mentioned the wheel size. Eventually I read something about “SIF grips,” and then assumed it was a 20", but it was very irritating knowing so many details, but not something as simple as the wheel size.

well it does say that it has a monty eagle claw tire on it… so one would think that it is a 20 inch

Yeah, it’s a 19’’ Trials uni, I’ve ridden it a few times. It feels crazy:)