Triton Triple with Surly Large Marge 24" Unicycle - Duro 3"

Triton Triple Frame with custom Surly Large Marge 24" wheel (32h Nimbus ISIS hub) with black and white spokes and a Duro 3’ tyre

KH Spirits 125/150 cranks

Hope quick-release clamp.
Slim Jim pedals.
KH Freeride saddle.
— All red in colour! :slight_smile:

Also throwing in a Halo 24x3" tyre, brand new - a Duro clone.

Excellent titanium unicycle with amazing stability and float due to the LM rim and tyre combination. And of course the frame takes wheels up to 29’ with Magura mounts for all sizes.

Selling this beauty as I need to buy a folding b*ke for work / practical related needs…

One of a kind uni for £750

Can also deliver near to any First Great Western train station within the South West region during August

Any questions just ask
Thanks for reading

Realised this needs a price drop. Excellent unicycle but I realise I can’t expect to get as much as £750…

Dropped to £650. Any questions just ask :slight_smile:


Bump :slight_smile: This is still for sale, anyone tempted? …

Bump, and dropping to £600. Remember this August I can deliver to any First station in the South West.

Off the market, as I have fallen in love with unicycling again and this wheel… :slight_smile:

You’ll have to tell us what happened!
That’s a sweet ride for sure.

Up for sale again!

Hello All (again!)
This lovely uni is now back on the market. I’ve been chopping and changing a bit… but I have taken a long hard look at my uni-stable. I now see that my Oregon and KH36er are really all the unicycles I need…

So this can go back up here for £600 :slight_smile:

Pretty unique set up - one of a kind.

Any questions PM me.


P.S. @pierrox - it’s great to be into unicycling again. I had taken a break and that led to my feeling a bit frustrated at how mu confidence had dropped. Thankfully after a really good ride on my 36er the ‘skill’ came back, and along with it the joy of one-wheeled locomotion! Happy riding to one and all :smiley:

Bump. And please do PM me your best offer :slight_smile:

I’m interested in the wheelet and cranks if you ever feel like parting. :wink:

I’d be interested in the frame if you part out the wheel set and cranks.

Still for sale?

Hello Reid and Bri,
Sorry for the total radio silence. I have been very busy recently so never seemed to have the time to check the postage etc.
Am sending you both a PM to discuss further.


Is this still available? This uni is sick and I would love to have it lol

yep it is - just sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Is this still for sale?