Triton Triple with 24"

Has anyone got a photo of a Triton Triple frame with a 24" 3"/4" tyre in it?
Do you know if the magura mounts will work with a LM rim?

And a disk brake can be added right using the mountainuni adapter?

Quite tempted by it as it can take the 4" wide tyre that I see is available in 24"


Just trying to visualise how odd a 24" wheel would look in the Triple frame.

And those of you who own/owned a Triple, would you recommend it?

hey Felix,

yes the do

yes i works, but you have to file the inner ridge of the moutainuni adapter for the triton triple frame. all other triton frames will fir without changes.

the inner wide at 24" position is arround 100mm. 3.8" is the maximum at 26"

Thanks Jogi for the info :slight_smile:
I see you are out of mountainuni adapters. Will they be back soon? Do you know if the d brake would work with KH spirits on this frame? Again I’m guessing I’d need to find it to get it to fit.

Does the Triple flex at all when running a 24" wheel in it? Or am I imaginig it has more space that it actually has…

Regarding the Triton writing - is it a label or something more permenant? Just wondering if it will rub off easily.

Thanks a lot

the mountainuni works better. i will check if jeff has some left.

no there is the same minimum flex with all wheel sizes.

under the label it is polished titanium

Hello Jogi,
I am now awaiting a Triton Triple. Cannot wait to see it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your info. If you find out that Jeff has a mountainuni brake adapter let me know :smiley:

Can you just once again confirm that if need be I could use a magura brake with a Surly LM rim at the 24" size mount notch?

I may end up just going with Maguras - we’ll see.

Is the filing complicated to get the MU adapter to fit? And KH spirits would work, right?

Many thanks in adavance


Hey I just bought another mountainuni disc brake set-up from Jeff. Pretty sure he still has them. I had to file my ucm caliper down a little bit at the holes with my triple triton, but it was super easy. I haven’t had any problems with his set-up, and I’m a big fan of the Sinz cranks. Check out his website ( and explore the products. If you purchase anything, shoot him an email to confirm that the transaction went through, and to let him know which size cranks and which color crank bolts you want. He’s usually quick to respond 1-2 days), shipping is fast, and he’s very helpful in getting you started with your first installation. Once you do it once, it’s easy from then on out.

Good luck!

P.S. I had a 24" tire in my 24/26/29 triple triton (non-disc frame) and it worked just fine. I only used fat 26" and fat 29" tires in it though. My plan in the future is to order a custom triple 24" only. We’ll see if they do custom orders again. :slight_smile:


Thanks for this info Bri.

Would you mind pm’ing me his email. I think I found it but am not sure - could only see one on the Mountian uni Facebook page.

Must say I do like the look of the mountain uni adaptor over the d’Brake. The d’Brake has been fine on my oregon I must admit but I’d like something silvery :wink: and something that looks a bit tighter in terms of arm angle.

Glad to hear it’s an easy job of filing etc. May consider SIZ but at the moment I do love KH’s Spirits duel cranks. These would work too right? :slight_smile:

Thanks again

They would work with a non-mountainuni 6-bolt rotor but the rotor can’t exceed 180mm with the ucm caliper, I believe. The sinz cranks use 5 single-speed chainring bolts that attach the mountainuni rotor to the cranks. If you go with the KH cranks, the only thing you would need to purchase from Jeff is the UCM caliper. I’ll PM his email to you. He would be able to clarify all of this for you. Here’s a pic of my set-up:

Thanks! A picture speaks a thousand words… Is that on a triple frame?.. I was under the impression the UCM wouldn’t work with 160mm, and the minimum was 180. On my 24" I’d prefer to run a 160mm rotor on KH spirits.

I’ll email Jeff and see what’s what.


It is indeed a triple triton. The website says it accommodates 180-203mm ISO adapters, and that the version 2 ucm caliper now accepts 160mm. But yeah, double check with Jeff. He’s awesome.

Just a small question about the Triple - why do the bearing holders look oval in shape?

I remember hearing something about the older frames being “off set” - is this what that looks like? Any major disadvantage to having fully circular looking holders?


I was never able to tighten down the bearing holders so that they were a complete circle. I tightened them down as much as possible and made sure the space between the frame and the bearing holders were even. I never had problems with it. I don’t think the strength is compromised either, as the bolts themselves are titanium. That’s my own experience though.