Triton Ti

I have the very first ever made Triton with a Ti hub, CF saddle, qu-ax street cranks. Basically the most bad ass trials/street beast ever. I never used it. This is bad.

Someone must want it. I’m looking for 1000 bucks for this beast, but if you can buy it earlier, large LARGE discounts can be had.

I’ll throw in some metal pedals an extra seatpost, and some 137 moments if I can find them as well. Sorry the pics aren’t great, I have trouble with digital cameras.

would you sell just the frame>

Yes for 800.

if he buys the frame how much for every thing elce?

Basically I want a grand for the whole thing, so if you guys wanted to split it up like 500 each or something, or make me an offer. I really don’t want to take the time to split it, so it might even be worth someone’s while to offer me a good deal for the whole thing and take care of splitting it yourself.

I just want the wheel set and seat

Quitting? :frowning: Too bad you dont ride this beast, it was awesome to ride with you. I was hoping you would still keep at least your Muni to go ride sometimes rarely. Anyway, have fun out of the unicycling world if you’re quitting it…

I tried this uni a few times, and it is awesome, there was nothing wrong with it when I last saw it (probably the last time he rode it too) and it’s in great condition!

Another pic