Triton frame - 20" Trials / Street

Triton 20” Trial / Street frame:

Material: Titanium, extra stiff
Tire sizes: 19”x2.7”
Weight: 575g
Long neck: 300mm ( 660g )
Colour: natural, sandblasted titanium with “Triton” logo
Seatpost: 27.2 mm
Bearing housing: 42mm precision machined, default ISIS size
Bearing pitch: 100mm from center to center

Originally the price was (new): 449 Euro / 820 NZD / 600 USD
Now may go against any reasonable bid.

Keep in mind this one was always handled very careful, and -other than the traces of the seatpost clamp- does not have any traces of use.


$300 usd?

As new it’s USD 600, I find $300 too much loss.
And the current USD/EUR exchange rate is no benefit.
(then it better be the overkill-learner for my pair-partner).