Triton d mount

I am looking for a Triton disc mount. Anyone have one to sell? I am wanting to try disc on my triple , I am only missing the d mount now. Thanks

Does your frame have a disk tab welded on? if it does all you need is an IS adapter which should come with your brake, or you could get from any bike shop.

If it doesn’t have a welded on disk tab you need a Nimbus d’Brake, or MountainUni UCM adapter. I have used both and they each have positives and negatives but do the same thing. Sorry I don’t have any spares to sell.

d brake

My Triton does not have a disc tab. I can machine one sure, but I would rather use my shop time for things that make money rather than unicycles that cost me money. And I don’t want to permanently modify anything on this triple yet. That is the reason for the D mount.

d mount

Thanks Casey, got the brake all worked out.