Triton 36

Bought on this forum a month ago and I’ve taken one 10 mi ride. Somehow managed to buy two more unis in same timeframe…

KH Fusion Zero saddle
Nimbus Stealth rim
KH Spirit cranks 125/150
KH handlebars w/ disc brake
Foss lightweight tube + nimbus tire

(used) traditional/curved KH saddle w/ Syncros seatpost

extras (all new)—
gold (matching spoke nipples) aluminium bottle cage bolts for rim brake tabs;
gold aluminium schraeder valve cap;
spare tube;
rim strip blue.

Box is 35" x 39" x 8"; weight 29.2 lbs in stock config w/out extras. I recommend Busfreighter @ ~1/2 cost of UPS in the case of cross-country shipping at least.

asking (what i paid) $1000 for the uni; negotiable on extras. Buyer pays shipping or can pick up in northern NY zip 13622.




Check received from first inquirer. Assuming funds clear this uni’s sold. Thanks for all the interest.

Darn nice ride, lucky buyer!!!

This is now the second time that I haven’t purchased this because I know I wouldn’t ride it enough to be worth it. But man, I sure wanted too. :p:p:p

I kinda wish I saw this sooner, I kinda regret selling it even though I have the geared 36. I sold it cause I hated to see it hanging in the garage every time I took out a different Uni. Now that it’s gone I miss riding it.
It is an awesome 36er

If anyone has another uni like this that they would like to sell, i would be interested. :slight_smile:

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