Triton 36/29 with disc brake and 2 wheels

I am going to list my Triton 36/29 uni on ebay in a couple of weeks but wanted to give the community here a chance to buy it first.

For anyone not familiar with these unis they are Titanium frames that can accommodate both 36er and 29er wheels. The frame has a FSA seat post, really nice Hayes DH hydraulic disc brake (that cost $200), a flatfish carbon seat base with KH free ride cover and padding and a KH H bar with nice moulded bar ends. The brake is mounted using a Nimbus D-Brake mount that I modified slightly to fit the Triton. Ha worked flawlessly for over a year.

I am also including two wheels, a 36er and a 29er. Both are built on moment hubs with a Nimbus and KH 48mm rim respectively. Ill also include the discs and the tires, a slightly worn Waltworks 36er and a near new Hans Dampf 29er. Ill throw in a new new Nightrider as well.

I am hoping to get A$900 OBO.

I am in Melbourne (Australia) and would prefer local pick up but will ship at buyers expense if required. Its heavy and big though so will cost a bit.

Insane deal! Someone must jump on that very fast.

O>O that’s insanely cheap!

I bet if you post it on ebay with that as the starting bid it will go for quite a bit more.

Any ideas on what this would cost to ship to the USA. I am really interested. Any chance you are flying to San Diego, CA anytime soon.

No seriously shipping cost to 92078, San Marcos, CA.



I would definitely be interested if you are willing to ship it.

Well I played with a FedEx shipping quote with a rough size of 38"x38"x12" and weighting 35 lbs. Shipping from Melbourne, AUS to 92078 San Marcos, CA was roughly $1350.:frowning: Looks like it is not going to be do able for me unless you are coming to the States.:smiley:



I think the lowest cost options are seamail and airmail from Australia to US.

It sure is and if i haven’tbought a brand new KH36" about half a year ago i would definitely buy it.
According to several sites the shipping costs to austria wouldn’t be that much, all in all it would be slightly more expensive then my KH was (but Triton frame :astonished: and 29" wheel too :astonished: )
Dang, should’ve waited. :angry:



Indeed, if I had the funds I’d buy it in a minute. I’m surprised it has lasted this long. Someone is going to get a good deal. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the interest everyone. I think I may have found a local buyer which will save me worrying about shipping etc. Ill know in a couple of says for sure and will let you know if it falls through.

Please tell me this is still for sale!!!

:astonished: I really need to check this forum more regularly, sooo keen to get my hands on this PM sent :astonished: