Triton 20" frame

I have had this sitting around for several years. Never got around to using it, so it is essentially new. 20" Triton short neck frame. Located in zip 37067 near Nashville Tennessee. $120 shipped in the USA.

Hey, I’m interested in this. I’ve been loaning out my other 20" and could definitely use it. I’m in Atlanta.

You can email me at martygulaian @ or send a text to 404 368 6380 - private forum messages apparently still don’t work

I sent you an email

If MrImpossible doesn’t take it I’ll take it 100%!

Let me know!
flansberrium @ gmail DOT com

Ok. I’m waiting to hear back from him

I did send an email reply, but just sent a text as backup. I’d definitely like to get it.

This is sold