Tripod Film

A video I shot this weekend, I didn’t actually use a tripod but used my helm as one. It’s a short video (1.30m) and it’s not superb riding, but I tried to put in the unispin I just learned and some footplants. It’s okay.

Sander asked me if the bail on the bench was real, it’s very much real and an inch further and I wouldn’t landed on my face.

Tell me what you think!

that was great! nice footplants and that yellow rail was really cool.

How long you been riding?

That’s cool, you have a nice flowy style.

How’s the weather in Netherlands? It must be getting cold.

yes it is getting cold here :angry:

and rainy to i hate the rain because i can’t ride now :angry:
i asked him if it was real because dustin is a person that would fake it because it looks fun:p :wink:

Yeah, it’s getting pretty cold in Holland, I’ve taken to wearing some iceskating clothes beneath my freeride shorts. I wouldn’t fake a bail that hurt even if it looked fun :smiley:

Ehm, I’ve nearly been riding for 2 years now, but I’m a coker rider really, I started riding trials at the beginning, thought it was too boring. Got a little into street, but just grinds. Then I started cokering and got third at Unicon on the marathon, beating Roger Davies :smiley: but because I’m going to ride more demos I’m going to concentrate on some streetstyle, and ofcourse training extra for my world hour record next year.

you good at street!