Triple Triton in Oregon

It’s finals week. What better way to procrastinate than dust off The Fatty and play around on the train tracks behind my apartment complex. It’s a pathetic excuse for municycling, but I’ll take what I can get! :slight_smile:

Nice vid.

What is that tire/rim?

Here it is!

Sorry… found your post here.


The set-up is a little bit different now. Since I don’t have too many hills, I took the brake off and installed that onto my 29x3 Knard.

The t-bar made it really difficult on the rocky terrain, so I’m going to take the it off too and use that exclusively for road. T-bars and anything other than pavement are not for me.

New haircut style looks very good!

Shorter T-bar will be much better. Or brakes moved closer to saddle for using long bar on the road :slight_smile:

Fun video. I have got to try one of those fatties! Thanks!

I enjoyed the video. Thanks for taking the time to create and share it!

Thanks! I think I lost about 5 lbs. in the process of chopping it all off, too! :slight_smile:
As far as the T bar goes, I took The Fatty out again yesterday without a T bar and I felt like I needed something to else to hold onto; the saddle handle just wasn’t enough. So I seem to be in between stages of not being able to handle the unicycle well with the T bar but still preferring it over nothing. I think I’m going to shorten it and bring the handles together. Thanks for the advice!

I highly recommend one. It’s by far my favorite unicycle. I’m waiting for a smooth fat tire in the mail that I can potentially use for commuting to class, so hopefully this unicycle will become a good-for-everything uni.


Fun video. Hope you get into the hills in the background sometime.
I liked the grips, have never had a problem without them but I always worry about the standard KH handles getting slippery.
If I put a camera on a train track a train would come along… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice vid, Bri! Looks like a fun ride! (Like the music, too.) I notice one big difference between this video and your early ones – no gloves or knee pads! You’ve gotten a lot more confident! (But now I worry you will hurt yourself!) (I now have and use a pair of G-form knee pads because I saw them in one of your videos and thought they looked like good ones.)
I’m now considering putting together a fat-tire uni. Seems like all the rage.

Yeah, well it’s been in the high 90s or hotter in Oregon so I’ve been leaving them at home and dealing with the minor scrapes and bruises. I lost my wrist guards but I just got a new pair in the mail so I’ll definitely be wearing those more consistently. Unfortunately I’m not doing anything intense these days because I’m scared of the trails around here thanks to all of the bears that are making their way closer to town. :frowning: So until it gets cooler or until I get over my fear of bears and I venture out onto the trails, I’m leaving my pads at home. :slight_smile: Fat tire unis are AMAZING! :slight_smile: I highly recommend that you build one. :slight_smile: