Triple Reinforced seat

Where can I biy a triple reinforced seat??
Can someone send a link?

If youre referencing the seat skrobo has, that is a do-it-yourself job.

Just get a CF-base, they are strong enough, stiff and light.

And they’re only like $130 drilled.

… its a do it yourself job, like jerrick said, and a dual reinforced seat should last forever if its done right, but i’m not a great welder, so i went and added another layer.

it is definitely not easier than buying and drilling a CF seat, but it is worth it if you can’t drop the money into a CF seat.

yeah. Ive taken skrobos idea and reinforced my seat. I took 2 stiffner plates, welded them together. Did a huge hack job on it.

Heres some pics. It was a huge job to get the bolts to go through the base actually, because it was so heat warped from welding. It wont ever break i bet. The last picture has the seat covered actually, its a lot thicker than a normal Fusion street saddle. About like 3 times heavier too, but eh. I doubt it will break.

edit: if you want, i can put a few of the pictures into Paint and point out different things i did.


nice uni btw


that thing is as custom as you can get one too. Ive got my stiffner plate i welded up, a united seatpost cut off and jammed inside a torker seatpost then welded up, the cranks were 170mm - now 145mm, and Molly - my nimbus II revision frame.

weighs about 3 tons though. Haha. It’s never gonna break, because its too heavy to

What is the point in that? I don’t really understand… Post break at the plate…

oh, it wasnt to reinforce anything, it was to get a kh/nimbus bolt bracket on a larger post lol.

worked didnt it?

Posts also bend. At the… post…

It wont bend now. Or at least it shouldnt.

But going into a larger post, im assuming you have a 25.4mm post (And because of your frame), so that alone should be big enough to prevent bending, so just a cm or two into the frame would of worked fine to put the bolt pattern onto a bigger post.

Though for $30 you can get a post that fits frame and seat. =p

the triple reinforced seat has sheet metal added to one plate, with big holes drilled so that the bolts fit through the seat(and the heads through the sheet metal), but i also added stainless bolts cuz i broke most of the bolts out of my seat one time.

So just weld a piece of sheet metal to the top and drill it and then do the same thing for the bottom?