Triple hole KH Spirit Cranks

I have a 36" Triton with 135mm Sinz cranks and a disk brake. Unfortunately, these are a bit too long for me and a pain to switch out quickly with the disk brake. Last month, I purchased a used set of KH Spirit 165/137mm cranks. After researching how to drill and tap a new holes, I decided that I would just pay someone to do the job. Even though I think I could have done the job, I didn’t think it was worth paying for a set of taps and risk screwing up a nice set of KH cranks. The taps alone would have cost me at least $40. I found two places that are experienced in this area. The first place I contacted,, wanted $80, plus shipping. Then, I stumbled across House of Tandems, out of Spring Texas. This place was a bit less, at $65 plus $6 priority mail shipping. Ric called me as soon as he was ready to drill, to make sure that I knew that holes weren’t going to be equally spaced because of where I wanted the third hole, which, of course I already knew. But it was nice of him to check with me, just in case. I shipped Ric and Marcia my cranks last Saturday and they had them back to me in one week! I now have 165/137/120mm cranks! Woohoo! I feel like it’s Father’s day instead of Mother’s day. What can I say, they’re perfect! I highly recommend using Ric at

Post pics! Curious as to why you didn’t go with 110 or 114mm?

I don’t see the 114s in the range of KH Spirit cranks on Kris’ website. Is that correct? And if that’s the case KH Moments may be hard to come by.


To answer your question, I didn’t go with the 114mm, because I ride almost all hills and I don’t want to have to change my pedals all that often. I don’t think I’ll ever use the 165 position.

Now, I created this thread, before I actually tried the cranks with the new hole. I just installed them, and I’m not happy at all. I received the cranks today in the mail. This evening I installed them and thought I would give them a try, before I go on a longer ride tomorrow. Everything went smoothly installing them. I went not even 500 feet when I felt a loose pedal on the right crank. I got off, walked it to my garage and inspected it. I didn’t notice anything, so I tightened it up and tried it again. The same thing happened. The next time I tried to tighten the pedal, it was stripped…the pedal wouldn’t tighten. I’m just speculating, but I think that the right crank wasn’t completely flat when it was drilled/tapped. Any ideas?

crappy deal man

I suppose there wouldn’t be any warranty since they are modifying someone else’s product. About the only way I can think of fixing it at this point is drilling it out again and inserting a helli-coil.

Sliding cranks with various settings would be a great could just extend the cranks as needed.

May be you installed right crank instead of left and left instead of right ?
I did my own KH Spirit 3 holes 110 / 127 / 150 and they are working fine, it’s explained somewhere in this forum

I think that’s a good guess. Isn’t the rotor on the left Spirit crank, and on the right Sinz? If you used the triton tabs with the spirit crank it would have been on the wrong side. Helicoils could fix all of the pedal holes.

spirits disk is on the right side and sinz is on the right also

Yes, that is correct, the Sinz and the Spirit Cranks have the rotor on the right side.

I have about ten bikes in my garage and although, I don’t consider myself a bike mechanic, I do know my way around bikes. I have done my own tune-ups for years. So, no I didn’t put on the pedals incorrectly. I have to say, though, I have never run into something like this. I was very careful and finger tightened the pedals before I used an allen wrench and I didn’t over tighten the pedals. The pedals seemed lay flat against the cranks like they should have and my pedals are only a month old and the threads are in good condition.

I do have a bit of good news. The owner, Ric, contacted me and is very willing to make this right. He is going to research how much he can get a new set of 127/110mm KH Spirit cranks and I’m going to split the cost with him. Even though, I know I didn’t do anything wrong to the cranks…he could very easily say the same thing. So, I think I’m good with this plan. He seems to be a stand up guy. So for now, I’m standing by my original post and recommending him to everyone.

A dab of grease on the threading helps prevent shearing. Did you apply grease to the new thread? ? You need to tighten the pedal really tight otherwise there will be play in the pedal causing wear.

Hope this helps.

This is a very interesting idea and can be a good opportunity for those of us who want to push the multi-hole cranks idea further.

I would be curious to see your cranks now from the top (to see how the new hole looks) and from side (to see how they are shaped).

The Spirit cranks have a certain Q-factor but I think it all happens in the first half of the crank down near the hub. And I have no experience on how what machinery to use for such work professionally (I doubt it is just a vise and a drill) but usually the KH cranks requires quite a good amount of effort to get them off.

For sure a good tip even for KH cranks if it turns to be a successful experience :slight_smile:

Yes, I applied grease and the tightened the pedals appropriately.

I’ll try and post some pictures in the next few days.

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