Trip down south 2011 - Simon Berry/Alister Burt/Mike Taylor

Hey everyone!

A video from a week down south from Alister Burt and Simon Berry, also featuring Mike Taylor.
The riding isn’t huge and we’re still just getting back into riding after injuries and bad weather, I hope you enjoy!
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Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

As I said on FB. Great video :D! Creative riding and I loved the filming/edit.


I love this video. Awesome riding, filming, and the simple edit gives it just the right atmosphere. I look forward to seeing more of your videos MisterAlisterBurtwithnospaces!

I thought you were going to wheelwalk the bench :stuck_out_tongue: As I said earlier, I love it!

f**k nobody waved…nobody …lmfao loved it :slight_smile: especially some of simons jumps up the stairs :slight_smile: you guys are all really good, and i loved the edit

Ali I loved the edit! The beginning was sick with your name coming from the clouds, the whole thing looked nice. I loved some of Simon’s lines, Mike is just a beast, and Ali your trials have progressed so much! And I thought you were going to wheelwalk on the bench too. :slight_smile:

nice editing and the music is very good for this riding!

Great video! I love the editing and filming.(as everyone says:p.)
Nice work!:slight_smile:

I really enjoyed all of it:)

It would have been nice to see more of Mike, even if all you got were just failed attempts.

really enjoyed the video :slight_smile: flip up 5 set! <3

Amazing video! Where “down south”?

Thanks for all the lovely comments, it means a lot!
here’s a vimeo link :slight_smile:

we were only with mike for 2 days and the weather was on and off rain constantly, we’re all staying together at the end of next month so expect big things from mike!

I was staying in King’s Lynn, where Simon lives!

Thanks a bunch everyone!

nice video, liked simon’s standy up wheel walk line a lot and the edit was great!
Love your guys idea of “down south” though lol

Yeah I really liked this video :slight_smile:

really nice video, I liked the riding and editing to :slight_smile: