Trip Across Canada

I am planing to do a Uni trip across Canada (6,344km) to raise money for a charity called save the children. Kris Holm has agreed to do a section of Canada with me and i was wondering if any other people wish to help out.

My Email address is

Thank you,

Matthew Sonberg

Matthew, I’m sure that you could get a lot of Canadians interested in this ride. However, we need to know more about what to plan to do. When do you start? What is your time frame? What route are you taking?

I also have a charity event I want to plan, so we should talk about that too. Feel free to give me an email, my address is below.

Dates? Routes?

Seriously, when? I’ve been seriously considering this for some time. I’m with jordan above me. Dates? Routes? :slight_smile:

I used to work with STC. They are a truly amazing charity and I applaud what you are doing!
If I wasn’t so far away I’d join you for a bit, but alas, I can only give you my moral support. Good on you Matthew!

Doing a charity ride is a great way to meet people, see some cool stuff and push yourself beyond what you though physically and mentally possible. I rode 2000km here in Australia (canberra-melbourne-adelaide) solo over 28 days to raise money for a kids charity in Afghanistan in my last university holidays.

Organising a sucessful ride though takes a lot of time and patience. How do you intend to fund your trip? if you are expecting donations to cover it all you run the risk of individuals thinking they are funding your holiday, and not the cause. My ride was self funded, but some sponsorship from UDC australia and a camping store here in canberra helped me get kitted out at cost price. That way people were assured that any money they did donate does straight to the charity, not to my hip pocket and eccentric adventure.

There is a lot of work in putting on something like this before you even get on the unicycle to start riding. For me it was acutally a relief to start riding after so much time invested in chasing down leads that most of the time left me high and dry. Persistence is the key to the planning as much as it is in the riding.
Best of luck- if you have any questions pm me

I too am eager to hear more specifics. I would like to do a small run in the NC area to help some of the Masonic charities.

I’m back in Canada in like 8 days, and I’d be down for joining onto something part way through, how would you go about doing it? More info would greatly help us and you.

Yep, I would love to help out or ride a section with you. Need to know the route though.

Matisyahu rocks.

I’d be up for part of the Atlantic Region ride.
Sounds like fun.

I’ll be in Toronto in October.
No uni though.

I’ll clap and wave as you go past.

Ahem, so how are you supposed to ride with me?


I’ll think of something.

Back on topic:

Would this be an unsupported trip?

I don’t know what I will be doing once my job ends in a few weeks but I doubt that it will be anything to important to drop and ride with some other unicyclists for a good cause.

When are you going and what route are you taking? East to West or West to East? Southern Sask can be really boring but the north half is pretty cool. Are you planning on going this year? Summer is almost over man.


Please either post more info or PM me the details and I will try to join you for a good chunk if I can.

I’d be interested in helping, but need more details.

I want to come up to Toronto some time next summer to hang with my RTL buddies, it would be cool to plan it so that I could ride with you too.

I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I got my 36er. I’m in the early stages of planning a ride (solo unless anyone else really wants to join me) from Niagara Falls to Montreal and back. I might seek the help of local Lion’s Clubs along the way or something.

But anyway, unicycling across Canada would be an awesome feat. Godspeed! :slight_smile:

And Scott, I can’t wait to ride along side with you again. Day 5 really pushed my limits.

It looks like he wants us to email him.