Trimming Magura cables

Does anybody know if it’s possible to trim Magura steel cables? I’m asking because I’m considering getting a set of Magura brakes to split with another unicyclist, and the back brake cable is going to be to long. I know you can trim the plastic cables, but it seems like it might be harder with braided steel.

I’d also be interested to hear from anybody who has shortened a plastic magura line before, and knows how hard it is to do.



I haven’t seen the braided lines, but the plastic ones are easy to trim. The only hard part is getting the fitting back in the line (used a vise and hammer). I would recommend buying a bleeding kit, comes with everything you need (except 90 degree bend, don’t need but recommend) to bleed the system. The 90 degree bend will allow you to direct the hose without using tie-raps.


Re: Trimming Magura cables

The Magura website says that cable pliers (the ones bike shops use to trim brake and derailleur cables) work fine for this. You can order one from a local bike shop. The best ones (Felco) are quite expensive but there are cheaper ones. I do not yet know if the 90 degree kit is compatible with the braided line kit.

It’s not trivial. Take your time and follow the instructions carefully and precisely. Go with the manuals on the website, not the ones included, because they will likely be impossible-to-read photocopies. Using the tools provided with a kit is extremely helpful. I have the dealer’s kit which is overkill unless you also have disk brakes that you want to service. When you bleed the brakes after installation cover everything else with a cloth to prevent oil contamination of your rim and the like.

Thanks for the info Dave. If it’s not to much trouble, could you get back to me about the price of a brake from you? I’ve gotta decide in the next day or so, if I’m gonna get the brake before leaving for California.

Right away, Ben.

Ive just bought a HS33 second hand off a mate (for £20)

I will want to shorten the cable, but will I need to buy a bleeding kit?



I certainly would; it has what you’ll need to do the job. An alternative is to have a bike shop do the shortening; however that leaves you dependent on them for all of your brake matters.

Dirtsurfer: did you have a second boss brazed on to your Hunter, or is that one of the new frames?

                                                                                                                                                                                                 I originally purchased the frame unpainted with the Magura bosses mounted direct from Hunter.  They were a bit off, I am using a WIDE rim that made 90 MM spacing not usable and about 1/4 of an inch too high.  I found this out after I painted it (should of mocked it up first), so I cut them off and MIG welded on the new bosses (from