Want to build a trike out of a unicycle, so we are back to the cheap hub thread but this one is slightly different as i want the freefly capabilities of a normal bike.

Is there currently in this world a cheap epicyclic gear hub fixed and or multispeed?

If not is there a cheap way to convert an already existing cheap hub ?

If not is there a cheap way (sheet metal cut or large 3d print) to build one and attach to a bike?

I could live with a single fixed speed but 2 speeds would be perfect but
freefly is a must.

Thanks in advance.

If you do a google search for “drift trike” I think you will find the information you need.

Good luck!

I did the opposite of what you’re trying to do (see this thread) but it wasn’t cheap.

drift trike is awesesome!
However i have some custom stuff in mind, is there a way to get just the hub ?
Or is there some specific name i can google?
Maybe the chinese have already a copy, theoretically the part shouldnt be worth more than 100 (if it is mass produced).

As far as I know you can use the geared hub that Waaalrus used if you want a geared freewheel hub, a Nimbus trike hub if you are OK with 1:1, or some kind of custom hub or jack-shaft design if you want to go with something else. The more custom work the more expensive it will be, even if you are doing the work yourself (drive parts can get pricey).

I was looking at using one of these.

That triad stuff looks great. Their fork is almost a uni frame by itself. Too bad they use 115 mm bearing pitch.

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It would be relatively easy and inexpensive to gear up a drift trike hub with disk brake mount via jack shaft… And if you add a clutch mechanism to engage/disengage the jackshaft you could have two speeds with high-fixed and low-freewheel. (both could freewheel if you used a Trials freewheel or a BMX cog in the jackshaft)

OK, now back to work

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do you have some drawings or a sketch?

The Red Menace is a great example of an early geared unicycle with a jackshaft. You could do something like that and replace the top inner cog with a trials freewheel for full time high gear coasting.

Or you could add a geared hub (with freewheel) above the tire like Justin did with his 3 speed build.

Using the nimbus trike hub and bolting on something like the Tomicog would be much cheaper and easier than fabricating your own hub.

I am not sure how you would incorporate a clutch without doing more research as to what clutches are available (my original idea), but if you want it to freewheel a geared hub above the tire could get you multiple speeds, all with freewheeling capability.