Tried out a Giraffe today

At our first London Unicycling Club Indoor Gym meet today, I was able to try out a 5 foot Giraffe. It’s quite fun!

I was not able to mount it…I could get up onto it in a free mount, but once upon the seat, I couldn’t pedal away (the seat was a little low though, but I’m not sure if that was why I couldn’t ride it)

It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be :slight_smile:

I’m anxious to freemount and ride away…next time!

Re: Tried out a Giraffe today

We have one 5’ chain driven uni in our club and it is quite popular. The kids absolutely love to ride it. It’s always a fight to see who rides it in parades - daytime only that is. The Christmas Lights parade tonight is dark enough that riding the giraffe is a bit less safe.

Have fun with it.


Re: Re: Tried out a Giraffe today

Yes, perhaps a bit less safe but a well illuminated giraffe rider in a night parade is quite a spectacular site.


Oh come on, it really was the seat height :smiley:
After the meeting yesterday I went home and priced out giraffes. Sofa could almost freemount and ride away in maybe 30 minutes of practice. Inspiration to say the least.

very impresive sofa!
good luck with the freemount for next time

verry good, it took me longer.
you can try the other girrafe mounts now,

on a 5ft giraffe you can mount with your foot on the pedal.

and the regular foot on wheel, foot on ground climb up like its a ladder mount.

theres a kid at glasgow juggling club who does rolling mounts onto his girrafe, amazing.

If it helps, we’ve got video clips of Ben doing the running mount on his 5 footer at The clip of his successful mount is on page 2 of the gallery.


Damn! From now on, let me suggest/request…

If someone points out that he just did something that he thinks was really cool, he’s not looking for a video of your 7 year old kid doing something 10 times cooler! :angry:

Sorry. :slight_smile:


THAT video is quite a nice ‘leveller’, isn’t it?


If it helps, Ben is 12…but I get your point.


I wasn’t actually being serious, there (just so you know)

I never even would have thought that was possible!

Well done, Ben