Hi guys! i’m new to this website and i must say, it’s great to be here!

what do you guys think about Tricycles? Personally i’m a fan, but i understand that my opinion isn’t shared by everyone. I enjoy the stability of 3 wheels, but i admit the thrill isn’t the same as 1 wheel.

i’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


perhaps this is the wrong forum?

I like them too, but only because of this xD

And yes, I think it’s the wrong forum you posted in too :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahahahahahha Thats the biggest laugh i’ve had all week!! that’s just great. i’d love to be able to do that. thanks for sharing OUK

That was a funny clip. Travis P is a madman!!

does anyone else have a love of unicycles?

You’re on the wrong forum, mate. We’re all into tricycles on here. Where are your other two wheels?

That was a good laugh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Colin, I like your avatar of Trevor Blackwell. His self-balancing unicycle is cool.

I bet if you try hard enough you could build a self-balancing tricycle. :slight_smile:

Indeed, Trevor and i worked on the first motorised unicycle. cool huh? :slight_smile:

I suggest you make a new tricycle thread under ‘Just Conversation’ and share your tricycling pics and adventures there.

i love the huffy sliders dont know if you know them.

why is Trevor B. your user id picture?

Hey guys, this poster is a little off, yes?!

A first I was thinking bot, but he has other posts, so maybe just odd?

I did enjoy the tricycle flips, that was some cool stuff.

Or, the sig might change once the forum has sufficiently been saturated with his posts.

But for now, benefit of the doubt.

well if i’m being honest, i didn’t expect to log into today and find these comments!

i’m not sure what to think now

perhaps you haven’t read all the posts in this topic yet?

That’s very cool. I’m planning to work on a similar project.

What aspects of Trevor’s self-balancing uni were you involved in?

You should think us paranoid. 'Cause we are.

it all started late one night after having dinner with Trevor and another of his freinds that i had never met before. lovely chap. several bottles of red later, we came to the subject of a motorised unicycle. the idea both sparked our imaginations and filled our hearts with a desire to create the world’s first electric unicycle. to overcome such feats as;- how we were to keep it balanced, and the overall design of the unicycle, we worked night and day for weeks. we disagreeed on many things, but our solid friendship kept things intact. the one you see on my profile picture was actually the second of the 3 we made for prototype. the first was a green racey number, which we had to retire after it failed to work longer than 5 minutes. we had a great time.

I can imagine. It’s a difficult machine to engineer.
I’m glad that after working night and day for weeks you guys finally realized you could simply apply the technology from Trevor’s self-balancing two-wheeled scooter that he had just built.