if you want some bumper stickers, order something cheap, and you can get all one stickers you want. My brother and I got, like, four of 'em with a set of cranks.

i can finally ride 1-footed! yay for me again!

Im TRYING to learn 180 crank-grinds, but to no avail. its hard as hell. I have come close a few times. I keep falling backwards though. usually becuse I do them on down-ledges.

WARNING: thread jacking
since a couple of you talked about it before, I dont think Im neccasarily the one doing the jacking, but anyway… I think we should start coming up with new grinds. Has anyone ever tried any of the following?: seat out grind, one footed grind, no handed grind, 360 to grind, or anything that resembles these?

yeah i recently did a natural spin 180 grind… they are particularly hard because you spin in the opposite direction to the ledge.

no handed grinds look dumb. one footed grinds are a little easier if you use your back foot to lock onto the ledge.

theres also a cool grind that ive been trying to do lately…

the disaster grind- you have a double sided grind ledge were you jump over the first side and lock onto the other side. tricky but looks cool.

Man I gotta go riding with you next time I’m in sydney. Are you going to UniNats next year :slight_smile: What would you call the one Dan Heaton does in Universe 2 where he drops the seat and catches the frame on his free foot while grinding. I’ve seen people doing it in videos with just a crank grab but looks a bit stupid, but I guess it’s part of getting up to being able to do it while grinding?

disaster grind is ok, but i know people call it by another name. drop-kick grind is what i call the one where you drop the seat and catch it during the grind. 360 into a grind would be very hard. theres not a lot of other grinds you can do, but there are quite a bit of moves you can do during a pedal slide or crank grind…

Thanks Dan, you’re my hero :stuck_out_tongue: Disaster grind sounds okay to me but that’s because I wouldn’t be able to think of a better name for it. Chuck a few names around and we’ll see which one sticks I guess, most likely the coolest sounding name.

The thing about that grind that would seem hard to me is: Most people grind on the side they like to side hop to right? So you’d either have to grind on your bad side or hop over woteva it is to your bad hopping side. Don’t really know how to say it but I’m sure most people can imagine.

if you hop to grind a rail and land the other side of it, itsnt it called a bluntslide? think i saw tugboat say this in the street tricks thread this week.

I thought that too.

I have been calling that an “over grind” you jump over the rail and grind the other side.

                           slide vs. grind

a slide is called a slide because when you are on the wood of a skateboard nothing is being ground, you are just sliding.

when you are sliding on the trucks they are being ground + what you are sliding on is being ground. the reason skaters have come up with different names for grinding, is because there are different ways to grind,(50-50, feeble, smith, nose, crooked)


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Yeah but on unicycles pedals can be plastic or metal. Nothing is being ground when it’s plastic, making it a slide, but then those with metal pedals would be grinding. So rather than using the right term depending on whether the person is using metal or plastic pedals, I vote for one name for the whole thing.

I think it should be pedal slide so for now we at least have a grind and a slide, a bit of variety always makes it cooler.

And I think Pedal Slide sounds cooler than Pedal Grind.

Some people should just chuck a quick comment in here voting what it should be (remember to read reasoning on this page both for against each one):

Pedal Slide
Pedal Grind

Pedal Grind.

It sounds more agressive, and more descriptive of the trick. You tell someone you did a pedal grind, there is no confusion as to what you did. You say pedal slide, and there’s some room for interpretation.

pedal grind- on the pedal only
crank grind- on the pedal and crank
frame grind-on the frame
over grind-over the rail into a grind
switch grind-backwards grind
drop kick-frame drop mid grind


ps. plastic pedals get ground

Then what are we ever gonna slide on or is everything gonna be a grind for us?

You slide on loose gravel. Well, skid anyways.

just learned how to ww, did it for about 30 meters today. (took about 5 hours to learn?)


Is it possible to grind (or slide) solely on your pedal?


Yes, but it would be hard to keep the crank from touching the side is my guess. This would be called a pedal grind, using the more popular term :stuck_out_tongue:

Did my first tire grab today.

I think we should call it grind no matter what your pedals are made of.

yes, and to grind hand rails you have to. yes, the side of your crank will slide agaist what you are grinding. When I am pedal grinding, I always find myself dragging my heel. some people say that heel drag helps balence.