Hi yall. This thread is going to be for any time some one is working on a trick and just landed one.

I will use myself as an example. I have been working on unispins for only like 2 days. Just now I landed my first one. Even though it was only a 180 I am happy. Yall are right if you don’t wear shinguards you will get busted up.

Anybody else have any tricks that they are working on or have just landed?

Well, yesterday I managed to complete my first reverse side mount :smiley: (even though I can’t do the normal side mount)

I just did my first grind.


I did some trials on a friends unicycle for the first time in since a couple of months. I rolling hopped a 3 stair first go, and hopped up something about 2/3 of a 20 inch wheel height quite easily. Not much compared to my freestyle but it was good to do some trials for a change.

In freestyle i recently picked up seat in front (transition from seat drag to seat in front). I’ve now done it 4 times since last week. I “landed” my first slick one footed back spin on the weekend and got a few on camera. and my spins/pirouettes are improving, i almost got the full 3 revs required for pirouette. Oh yeah i also landed 4 uni spins without shinpads on the weekend which was a big step in confidence for me.

In general i had quite a good week end.

i did a figure 8 one footed this morning for the first time…

I made an air seat does that count?my first one it’s a kh it worked and i dnt mess it up! as for tricks lately i have learnt 55 cm20"/24" seat out hops, 30 cmish roling hops and made longest glide 109 revs and crank grabed my 24".

Almost flashed 8 balls :stuck_out_tongue: my unicycle is in leyburn and im in Bristol argh, hmm well.


i landed a framedrop after a night of trying and also did my first crank slide on a box at the skatepark, on the same night that i saw Tony Hawk do a Mctwist in the bowl. (he was doin a demo wiv the Adio team later that night).


Is a framedrop the same as a seatdrop?



I learnt how to one foot idle with my right foot, I didn’t really have to learn though, it was just matter of doing it.:smiley:

I finally managed to walk the wheel 10M and ride it out, thus completing the final skill for level 5.

also, in the process of learning how to wheel walk, I glided (glid?) for about one and a half revolutions. Ok, so the soles of my shoes were wet, and I just didn’t have any traction, but hey, a trick’s a trick.

yeh, sorry guys by frame drop i mean seatdrop sorry about that

A little off topic.

I think we need to work out what we’re calling these grinds. We need to follow prolly a similar naming thing to skating for grinds.

So can any skaters tell me what defines something as a grind, and what defines things as a slide. Like 50/50 is a grind, yet you have tail and nose slides am I right? It seems to me like if it’s on the metal it’s a grind, anything else it’s a slide. Doesn’t really work with unicycling since it’s almost all metal, but I guess pedals are either plastic or metal aren’t they so that could be the slide part?

So maybe:

Crank Grind
Pedal Slide

Has anyone pulled off that frame grind one yet that I read about in an old thread?

I’m not a skater, but you are right.

If you are grinding on the metal of the skateboard, it’s a grind, like nosegrind, 50-50 and so on.
If you are sliding on the board, it’s a slide, like noseslide, tailslide, boardslide…

For unis, i would call it grinding for pedal and crank.


I dunno, I think pedal slide sounds better personally. It’s just personal opinion but I think it should be:

Crank Grind
Pedal Slide
Frame Grind

Learned to freemount my giraffe after about 30 minutes of getting it, yeah!

There´s certain sections of trails we can´t seem to get down. Too rocky, too many continuous drops, no way to stop and hop and negotiate in mid stream.

Somebody got the crazy idea that, trying these sections seat-in was the problem, and that if one ever got good enough riding seat-out (far less scary to bail seat-out, and rolling drops are easier as well), any section might be possible. So we started practicing riding seat out–first off curbs, and now going down big sets of stairs. It feels totally weird and unstable at first, and works your legs like crazy. But we´re getting this trick, if you could call it a trick, and pretty soon I might start trying parts of local single tracks seat-out.

The idea might be a bust but practicing everything seat-out is a blast, though tiring.


hazaa! i have just learned to idle and go backwards in the same day! yay for me!

I got my Coker!!
Getting the right item from unicycledotcom really is a tough trick. And they still messed up; I didn’t get my unicycledotcom bumper sticker!! :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:

I one footed with my weak foot. I can one foot both feet now!