What are some uni tricks you can do in the snow or anywhere? I can’t think of any tricks easy for me. Help me!


i cant wait to ride in the snow- this is my first uni winter! ill try some slolom and some jumps, an of course muni.

It’s my first uni winter too, and I’d love to ride in the snow. Only one problem - England only gets decent snow for a couple of days every few years. But then we didn’t get any last year (in the south west anyway), so we’re due some. :slight_smile: I imagine riding in snow is more fun for the “I can say I did it” factor, rather than the actual experience, which would be cold and hard work. Ice on the other hand…

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The best trick to do in snow/ice, preferably ice, is to lock the wheel. Stop pedaling by putting more pressure on the back pedal. This makes you coast/slide on the ice.

But before you try this remember to put on all the safety gear you can get your hands on to. When I tried it for the first time I only had wrist and knee pads. Well, I ofcourse fell backwards and hurt my elbows. I didn’t have a helmet and I was glad that I didn’t hit my head. But when you get the hang of it, it’s really nice trick. Some people watching you might not notice that you’ve locked the wheel but it still feels cool.

yay! its snowing in philly already! its not even winter yet and its snowing! theres only a little on the ground right now, but we are expecting about 6 inches for this weekend. i wish i had a uni snow tire with chains…o wait GAZZALODDI!

snow tricks

The first trick is to stay uprite, you know, rubber side down.
Good luck all!

On snow this is one of the best tires. Michelin Mud would be better, but you should only ride with a Michelin if there’s snow or you ride in swamp. The tread is soft.

Even better than the chains (in my opinion) is making a studded tire of your own. It’s fun to do it and they give you atleast some grip even on ice. And I mean the really slippery polished type ice where you usually can’t even walk.

And Terry, I haven’t yet had any problems staying upright.

I live in New England and we are having our first snow right now. I just tried a trick were I slid down a skate ramp(no pedaling). You should try it, its fun.


We got snow here near philly about 4 inches so far as obie one said and its also my first uni winter so it should be good fun.

Thats for the snow tricks what are free style or trial tricks?

are you asking about tricks in general? if so, check out

if not, never mind

I hate snow, we’ve had it in canada since November! And all I have is a 2003 torker unistar which suck horriabley in the snow :angry:

One trick you can do in the snow, that I haven’t quite got down yet, is drawing. The easiest shape is a star.
Start by idling. Then pedal backwards two revolutions, change directions, and pedal forwards two revolutions. Then change direction, and pedal backwards two revolutions. Unfortunately, every time I do this it ends up looking like an octopus.