> one thing that i thought might get started in this group is some discussion
> and description of good tricks. does anyone have any good mounts or tips they
> want to contribute?
> if no-one speaks up, i will soon. terry

A favourite of ours is the ‘suicide’ mount, where you hold the unicycle in front
of you with the pedals level and then just jump on both feet at the same time.
Needless to say this makes all the men in the room cringe …

There’s one guy who does this with a six-foot!


Julian Edwards, alias Ed.| or Dept.
of Elec. Eng. | University Of Surrey | OS/2 on a PS/2 - half an operating system
Guildford. ENGLAND. | for half a machine

he he, this thread is like 12 years old.

And yet it has been viewed less than 100 times…

Whats the oldest post on RSU? It can’t be much earlier than this one, surely. This is almost pre-internet as it is.


1993-01-25 02:32 PM it the oldest post i could find searching unicycle .

I found one even older:

1993-01-25 1:32 PM

I wonder what happened to J Edwards. Is he/she still unicycling. Has she/he learnt anything more adventurous?

Time zones. Probably the same thread.


That’s so funny. You went back as far as you could. Basically. Found a thread and replied just to get it to the top agian. All to quote. Hee hee this thread is like 12 years old. I really like you, you’re really funny. That’s so funny hahahahaha. I’m still laughing.