Tricks you hate

What tricks make you giggle, roll your eyes, snicker, sigh, or become violently ill? What tricks do you think look more like an uncontrolled muscle spasm than an actual trick? What tricks are so ugly that my mother looks good in comparison? In short, what tricks do you hate?

(Note: The trick should be considered a “real” trick; it should not be a trick that is commonly regarded as silly.)

Personally, I think that flatland trick where the rider bounces on the wheel with his/her knees is pretty lame.

Riding with stomach on seat is also pretty funny looking.

well anything on a unicycle makes people “giggle, roll your eyes, snicker, sigh” etc. but personally i dont like seat in back, riding with one foot, and other things that look stupid.

unireed, can you ride 1 footed?
What’s your opinion of wheelwalking? (including variations)

Personally, the superman thing looks funny, but is kinda cool in a way. :slight_smile:

Cranksgrabs look silly, Pedalgrabs look way better.
Shame I cant pedalgrab. :o

Trevor, you can pedalgrab easily. :slight_smile:

I spend 1 hour working on it the other day and got no where haha

I’ve always hated kneebrands.


I can only ride from point A to point B, therefore, I find all tricks (attempts) impressive. The only thing I could ever do beyond just riding was to ride on my stomach, but I injured a rib doing that :astonished: . Being older instills a fear of injury (at least for me) in taking risks. I don’t recommend aging. It sucks:D.

I don’t recommend aging. It sucks:D.

Considering the alternatives, I’d rather age… :sunglasses:

Hahaha, I just realized that the original poster of this thread also dislikes kneebrands xD

yes, i can ride one footed. for ever (straight) with my right foot, but one rev so far with left foot. and i have to do ten for each foot for otg. and i am learning to wheel walk at the moment, but i think it looks cool. i can so far go about 5 feet. i need to lean back more

Definitely kneebrands, they always look so sketchy and forced. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that flows nicely in a combo. Not really tricks, but I hate when people fudge hoptwists/body varials wayyyy to much. If your 360 could pass as a 180, please don’t tell people you can 360. Oh and static lines, where theres just a million hops between tricks and no movement. So boring.

Edit: Long HoW combos with more than about 5 hops between tricks get old, fast.

I’ll be completely honest here…

Sometimes, crankflips look disgusting. Specially when they’re hastily put into a combo in a “Uhhh… I should add one more thing… HOW ABOUT A CRANKFLIP?” kind of moment.

Obviously, they can look really stylish and sexy, but sometimes they just make me think “Ooo… That was kind of a mess.”.

Does that mean something in some other language? “kneebrand” sounds weird. Maybe a bad sounding name is fitting for a bad looking trick.

Any hopping on wheel is ugly and kills any flow.

I don’t like the uni used like a pogo stick. Though the skill is empressive.

You mean hopping? :roll_eyes:

This may sound ‘noobish’ but what is a ‘kneebrand’?? :thinking:

A kneebrand is that thing where a rider jumps onto the wheel with his knees and bounces off them back to the pedals. I’m not sure where that name came from, actually… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a crankflip used as the last trick in a combo, can you link me to a video?