tricks you can't land

I was just curious if anyone had a trick that no matter how hard and long they practiced they just couldn’t get. Mine would have to be a uni-spin i couldn’t land one of those to save my life

ditto with the uni spin but i’l also include crank flips, no matter how many times i crack the pedels into my shins it just dose’nt make me any better or give any help on how to make it any easyer the next time i try.

I imagine that cracking your shins wouldn’t help anyone get better.

I suck at seat out hopping. I also can’t do unispins at all, but I don’t want to.

I didn’t find unispins very difficult…just jump straight up, and you land back on the pedals. Well, at least that’s what I did.

I’d say that wheel walking is something that I can’t get down solid.

Yay, another! I can’t unispin, not out of the inability, but just because I don’t want to. I’m sure if I put the time and effort into it I could, but I don’t want to.

ONe trick I’m having trouble with is transitioning back into normal riding from seat in back seat dragging. I’m also having troubles ransitioning back into normal riding from stanupwheelwalking. It’s not like I practice these very much, though.

Like Gerblefranklin said, who actually practices (much) freestyle tricks save for freestylers? It took me three months to learn wheelwalking because I’d only practice like 10 muinutes a week. I now know a bunch of tricks, all of them imperfectly due to lack of practicing. It’d be nice to have a gym to practice freestyle skills once a week.

Those of you who have clubs and gym time are very fortunate. I’m either on the street or the trails (mostly) and neither is really condusive for honing freestyle tricks.

I’m still really sketchy on seat out work, which is a skill I really need for hard MUning. Gotta force myself to practice these skills.


ill trade you my wheel walking for your unispins


I hate the transition from hopping on wheel to pedals.

For me its harder than a 180 unispin at the moment.
I get about 1 in 4 times i think. It is really annoying but i’m going to work on it soon.

you can do that in 25 minutes then nick :stuck_out_tongue: see you there

One trick that I have tried a few times as of late but am no where close to landing and doubt I ever will is a fingerspin, or a frontside tire grab that you throw to a unispin. If anyone is doing this trick let me know I want some tips…

I’m not sure if I understand what that trick is? Is there downloadable videoes of it anywhere?

I landed my first ever unispin tonight, it’s been SUCH a long time coming and it was great to finally get it right. Now I just have to do it on my KH24.

Wow I just had a look at the IUF levels and although I probably wouldn’t quite be able to officially pass level5, I can inconsistently do pretty much EVERYTHING in level6 and also EVERYTHING in level7, not too shabby considering I was level1 about 10 months ago… and I don’t do freestyle :stuck_out_tongue: