Tricks on unicycle, what can you do?

Including gerarfi unicycles. Don’t be shi to boast.

If you’re looking for freestyle, look at the skillevels. I’m not very good, but here’s some of what I can do:

-32" rolling hop
-1f ride with ethier foot
-static gap about 5’8"
-rail gap about 1.6m
-sidehop about 30" on a good day
-ride backwards
-1f idle
-seat out front ride
-chest ride
-seat out back ride
-seat drag in back (not very well)
-seat out rolling hop about 20"
-standupww (not transitions)
-frontspin 180 sometimes
-backspin 180 sometimes
-ride up and down hills
-rail ride
-pedalgrab over a chainlink fence
-pedalgrab onto the top of a 4x4
-pedalgrab onto the top of a 2x4 balance beam
-ride a 6’ girraffe
-idle a 6’ girraffe
-kickup mount
-jump mount
-swingup mount
-side mount
-sidemount short version
-mount with 1 foot on pedal into wheelwalk
-mount directly into ww
-mount 1 f on pedal into 1fww
-reverse mount
-mount seat out front
-mount seat out back
-do stupidly big drops
-do diablo (aka chinese yoyo)
-do flowersticks
-juggle 3 balls
-juggle 3 clubs
-eat a burrito
-hold a conversation
-sleep (not very comfortable when the pedal pokes into my back)
-walk the dog
-seat in front idle
-seat in back idle
-seat in front backwards in a figure eight
-" seat in back
-climb stairs
-ride down stairs
-do homework
-carry liquid nitrogen
-play basketball
-play hockey
-play 4 square
-play ultimate frisbee
-list a whole bunch of strange, obscure skills that I can do on a unicycle.

I’m sure I forgot some stuff, but whatever.

Well, given gerblefranklin’s post, I get the idea we are supposed to brag about everything we can do. Sooooo…
Sidemount, leg around front.
Sidemount, leg around back
Sidemount, leg around front twice. (have only achieved 2x
Jump mount
Suicide mount. (actually I have only been stupid enough to try this one evening a week ago. I seem to recall landing it once.)
Reverse mount.
Rolling mount.
Mount to wheel walk.
Rolling mount to hand wheel walk.
one foot idle
idle seat in back
Backwards. +circles&8’s
One-footed right foot +circles&8’s
One-footed left foot
Backwards one-footed
Seat in front +circles&8’s
seat in front backwards
seat in front one-footed (with seat against body)
stomach on seat
seat on side
seat in back =circles&8’s
seat in back backwards +circles
hop + seat in front + freehand
hop on wheel a little, but no transitions
wheelwalk +circles
one foot wheel walk
glide (downhill only)
a little backwards spoke walk, but only barefoot
hand wheel walk
a little one-handed wheel walk
a few short coasts
juggle(3 balls, 3 clubs, 4balls)
dismount to handstand
short VERY steep MUni hills
scrape legs
scrape hands
scrape elbows
bruise rear
wear through tire
wreck perfectly good pair of shoes
collide with other unicyclist while riding backwards, seat in back

But you didn’t say what YOU could do, unimax.

CRASH!!! actually, ive only ben on the stinkin thing fer 3 months, so all i’ve got is the bare minimum fer reachin level 4 by USA standards.

-chest ride, is that like having a wheel barow race on unicycles with hands on pedles and legs in the air?

One foot ride
Wheel walk
I do alot of skipping;
Solo skipping,
three uni’s skipping together
Fire duble duch, jumping in
idle wilst doing cancan with other leg
Glidded backwords by mistake a few times, id never do anything so dangers on perpose!
I can stay static for about ten seconds, comes in handy for dancing or when riding through crouds with no where to go.

Free mount 6", skip with fire on gerafi
on leg idle
ride over plank with circus ball.
And of corse and can fall of in many diferent, sometimes exciting ways!



Chest ride is probably the same as stomach on seat, an easy freestyle skill. If you ride with your hands on the pedals, it is handride, which is far more difficult.

i can…
45 inch rolling hop
39 inch side hop
180 unispin
180 unispin mount
360 unispin mount
seat wrap
seat wrap mount
ride one footed
wheel walk
practice gliding
wheel walk mount
wheel walk one footed
ride seat out (easy)
ride seat back both 2 in figure 8
i can do more but cant think at the moment

I can ride no handed.

I can ride uni with no handlebars
…no handlebars
…no handlebars

(and now everyone who knows that song will have it stuck in their head for 24h :expressionless: )

John M

I can…
Wheel walk
Wheel walk one footed with either foot (left sucks)
Ride one footed with either foot
Juggle 3 balls mills mess while riding forwards

I used to be able to giraffe one footed but I haven’t practised in a while due to the bentness of my giraffe.

i can ride in many different places. even places nobody on this site or anywhere have evr ridden before. like in my backyard…ftw

lol… do we have to say al the tricks we can do here??

I will call some…

-mamouth spin

-13set handrail
-no handed handrail grind
-flip out (of a handrail)

  • one footer handrail

just watch my vids… :stuck_out_tongue:

So does that mean you can bend a giraffe? :smiley:

Funny how after a lifetime spent in NZ I never saw a unicycle but met one while running here in the land of kimchi.

And now I can fall off a unicycle :stuck_out_tongue:

where is kimchi