tricks on giraffe suggestions?

Hey gang,
I am getting my first giraffe next week.
What tricks can i do on it?
Hop? Dismounts? Muni? Idle?
Maybe uni basketball?
I am getting it for parade later this year and need to learn quick.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

For parades, I recommend spins, idling, club juggling, freemounts and fake tipping-over. The tipping-over thing looks better on tall giraffes than short ones, but if you get up close to the people it will have the same effect. How to do:

  1. Ride diagonally toward the people you want to scare.
  2. While doing this, look at and wave to people that are on the closer part of the curb, not in the direction you’re headed.
  3. When you get real close to the people you’re pointed at, stop pedaling so the unicycle is only slightly off balance to the front. It will look like a momentary stillstand, followed by the start of a fall toward those people.
  4. Recover suddenly (riding forward and curving away from those feet in front of you), while reacting big and going “AAAAHH!!” or similar.
  5. Done correctly, the people you were looking at, and the people on the other side of the street, will love it. The people that were directly in front of you, not so much.

It’s my favorite thing to do on a giraffe in parades. Naturally, you want to be real comfortable with that move before you do it near people. Practice it over and over. Don’t forget the eye contact and reaction, and to allow time for the unicycle to look like it’s tipping over like a tree. You do the stop and balance while still looking at the people to your side. The taller the unicycle, the longer this part can take. You only “notice” the ones in front of you just as you zoom forward to catch your balance.

I’ve been able to get away with doing nothing but that for long sections of some parades. It works best when the street isn’t too wide, and the crowds are pretty dense.

Wow, that’s a GREAT suggestion John!
Thanks! :smiley:

As for juggling, I don’t know how (yet). :smiley:
I maybe playing a small musical instrument (a bell) during this parade.

Skipping is good. You’ll need a bit of space, though.