tricks on a giraffe

can anyone do any tricks on a giraffe? ride down stairs, hop, etc

All perfectly doable. There are several people on this forum who do this kind of stuff. A few people have even built up trials and offroad giraffes.

You can also do a reasonable number of freestyle tricks on a giraffe including things like
-seat in front
-stomach on seat
-seat out back
-1 ft idling
-1 ft riding

I have gone up and down curbs. Hopping up curbs is actually hard because when you are that high up its hard to judge exactly where the wheel is going. The falls suck too.

Yeah, when i jump its like the uni wants to fly backwards and smash to the ground… but i think the highest i have jumped on it is only like 10 cm… but the most impressive tricks to learn are the mounts.

I’ve done one-footed backward riding, pirouettes, and seat on side backward (something I can’t do on my regular uni) on my giraffe. The scariest thing I have done is the frog mount, where you hold the giraffe still, jump up, and land squatting on the pedals, before riding off seat in front. Sadly, I haven’t had the opportunity to use my giraffe much lately, so I’m probably badly out of shape with it.

yeah i never ride my 5’ uni unless someone askes me to ride it…