Tricks: Getting there, but still need help.

I believe mostly in tricks that can be done on unis rather than endurance uniing or muni.

I’m at the point where i can ride well and am comfortable hopping on and off and riding. But i really want to learn some good tricks.

If you could, what should i learn first and what websites are out there that offer help and tips in this area.

Thanks (without the x)

Wonka (without the x) –

This is an excellent one.

yes Muni is for newbie’s.there are higher levels of it thats for sure but for the most part,riding forward on a trial or over a tree root is easy learning compared to the volly of freestyle tricks out there.

i learned most of mine though Jeff Lutkus’s web site.last year i could idle,this year thanx to his site i can do almost everything on there (except the juggling)

i think i may be one of the first people to start unicycling because of mUNI but end up likeing freestyle better.

Try to meet up with a unicycle club that has some skilled riders. There is no substitute for actually seeing the skills done and getting tips from people who already know how to do the skills you’re interested in.

If you can swing it, go to the national convention in Minneapolis Minnesota July 30 through August 5 <>. You’ll see some amazing riding and you’ll definitely get inspired to try new skills. I always seem to learn something new when I’m at a convention. If you’re interested in freestyle the convention is the best place to see some amazing freestyle riding.

The skill levels are a good guide for what freestyle skills to learn. They pretty much go in order of difficulty so you can get an idea of what skills to work on first before trying the difficult stuff.

There are more skills listed in the standard skills list. Each skill is given a point value which corresponds to its difficulty. There are many more skills listed in the standard skills list than the 10 skill levels list. The standard skills list gives you more to work on. The standard skills are listed in the USA Rulebook
Not all of the standard skills are described very well. That’s a good reason for going to a convention so you can ask people who know the standard skills how to perform a skill that you’re unsure about.

The link Jagur gave to the Lutkus videos is also good. The videos are in DivX format so you’ll need to install the DivX codec from <> to play them.