Tricks For Beginners

By beginners i mean actual beginners. I have been riding about 3 months now without problem. But for the tricks i have none. I really want to learn some quick easy but impressive tricks that can be explained here on the forum.

Your input and help is appreciated :slight_smile:


If you havenโ€™t learned hopping yet it would be a good place to start. Once you can hop you can learn to hop onto things, do 180 hoptwists and learn unispins. You could also learn to ride one-footed.

Dont forget: crank idle(both feet), Backward riding, seat in front, one footed idles, leg wraps, jump mounts, no footers and still stands. All very good things to practice and will make you a better rider.

Learn how to bunny hop. It is the number one trick that every one seems to want to see. No except a fellow unicyclist cares how well you can wheel walk, one foot, idle, etc. Do bunny hops and every body is happy. #2 Learn the kick up mount. That makes every body happy. #3 and a distant three is to ride backwards. #4. Learn to juggle while riding. Every thing else is just ignored. Enter a couple of Christmas parades this year and you will see what I am talking about. And if you can ride you can enter a parade. With all the starts and stops of the floats and bands you will be fine. Make doing bunny hops your first priority since this is what everyone seems to want to see.