i at the moment have a trainer unicycle(cant be bothered to get the link lol its to early)and i have been learning for about 2to 3 months and im really confident on riding it i even took it to france on holiday and rode it to the resturants lol and i have recently learned to jump which is quite kl and i can ride down steps lol now im stuck :thinking: i dunno wats the easiest trick after that?btw does anyone know how i can test my son to see if he fits a 19" cause at the moment hes on a 16" but he wants 19" cause koxx-one sell em+=)

Try 1foot riding. I think it’s fun, as well as easy to learn. there are some good guides around.

P.S. Don’t let the thread starting get out of hand. try searching in future.

ok soz ill look is the 1 foot riding when u put 1 foot on the tap of ur forks?

yeah also learn backwards riding them u can 180 and that looks really awesome

your son can almost definetly fit a 19". worst case you just have to take a saw and cut the seatpost down

ok ty hes in the middle of going backwards lol and ive already got the specs and stuff for his 19"