tricking + uni

okay i think it would be fun to get into tricking or parkour would that at all help me in my uni skills since i do street? :thinking:

i do free running, which is similar to parkour.
i guess that it helps a little bit, it helps build up strength and balance.
and on top of that, its just dang fun.

Free running is a translation of the word “Parkour”.

Free running IS parkour.


free running and parkour are different, parkour is more about getting from point A to point B in the quickest, most challenging route.
free running is more like tricking. its similar to parkour, but is a little more about looking cool.

(park-or) an urban activity where a traceur completes a ‘run’, overcoming obstacles on the route with a variety of gymnastic and acrobatic moves including elements such as jumps, vaults, and wall runs. For a more compete definition click here.

i conclude: parkour is freerunning is tricking

This is my cities Parkour website

“what is parkour? Le Parkour (also called Parkour, PK and Freerunning) is a physical discipline of French origin in which participants attempt to pass obstacles in a smooth and rapid manner.”

Interestingly the definitions of Free running and Parkour in Wikipedia differ


i d parkour and it is different from freeruning. parkour is about being efficient whereas freerunning involves more flashy moves like flips but are not efficient.
tricking is just flips and tricks and is nothing like parkour.


^^tom has got it correct.

Re: tricking + uni

andycookuk wrote:
> unisteez wrote:
> > i do free running, which is similar to parkour.
> Free running is a translation of the word “Parkour”.
> Free running IS parkour.


I’ve heard of Freerunning since 2000, now I’ve just recently heard it
called Parkour.

When did Freerunning start being called Parkour?

Gotta Know,


Its the other way around…parkour started to be called freerunning. an d Freerunning is just the americanized version of parkour.

where can you do this?

Whenever we end up with a rider without a unicycle (often this means we broke a uni on our ride) we tend to play around with some parkour, just basic stuff like body twists and cat jumping and rolls. its quite fun to do and can keep you occupied when your unicycle is in pieces on the ground next to you :stuck_out_tongue: