Tricking off of drops?

Recently I’ve gotten more consistent with No-Footers, and I’ve decided I want to start doing them off of small drops. I can land 9 out of 10 No-Footers on flat, but when I try them off of a curb, I can’t even seem to get my feet off of the pedals. I recognize that it is partially fear, but is there some technique that can help me, or is it just a matter of manning up and going for it?

Hmm. well,

When off a curb you have to kinda launch out alitte bit.

SO when i do crankflip i launch myself out about 1-2 feet fomr the curb, it makes it look better. Also, your probably over thinking it. trying to hard, or something like that. just go for it, theres no possable way you could really hurt yourself that badly. at worst you hurt your jewles for a few seconds… but rarely.

Can’t do them off a curb? Go smaller. Then work your way up.

hahaha i dont no about american curbs but australian curbs are small ,and theres nothing smaller.