Trick Vid!

This is a vid ive filmed of footage ive collected over the past couple of days, its all fairly new tricks or lines, its while ive been stuck at home and i thought rather than putting boring garden scenery into an important vid, id use it up on this.
Its not good in terms of editting, the blind bit is supposed to be for the 360 not varial but it switched somehow ohwell…

So hope you enjoy take a look its an ok showcase of flat and street skills.

let me know what you think


ha ha first vid mistake i forgot to put the link in i will put it in a minute, watch the space lol

Looks like you forgot the link.

Forgetting the link, now thats embarrasing.

Ok the link is du du du daaaa!


awesome fridge…we got an old washing machine we do that with…

Nice tricks, I gotta work on my flatland.
Thanks for the remeinder.

Can’t wait to see the real footage.

real nice video, btw wots the music? its well good!

Dizzee Rascal Flex its off his new album catchy aint it lol

You call that music? :roll_eyes:

Nice riding Lucas! Keep rockin’!

Rock on!

Some smooth stuff there Lucas… And those crashes looked like fun.

my names lucas i cant put my hat on stright.

good video

nice tricks there well done on all the sponcers

bye bye xx

Very nice video, great to watch, lots of flow, at times you had little or no hops in between tricks!
Topless riding, I love it, I think more riders should do it, watch out for it in my next video, What a body!

Well done on the backflip too and varial flip, both looking good.

If only you were on the UDC team, we could make a very good video together :roll_eyes: haha,


Cool video. I think it’s funny how you’re 21 on youtube and 17 here. That’s real talent.

ha ha thaNKS for all thew responses guys some very good chuckles i got from reading all of them i love how you all mock me, i just love it lol