Trick: Rotator Seatwrap

Hey guys,

I’m a distance rider and I suck at street, so shush the negative comments:

I think it’s kind of a new ‘trick’, basically just a variation on the pedalstall, you pedalgrab like a ping-pong table (that’s what I did it on) do a seatwrap and while you’re doing the seatwrap let your wheel rotate a full revolution.

It sounds more impressive than it is, but I wanted to know if it was new, so if you guys seen it before give me a yell eh?

Cheers =D


it looks pretty cool. I’ll give it a go once my foot heals.

Oh, and a warning for people who are going to watch the video: It makes me look pretty retarded… :smiley:

As far as I can tell yea, I guess it is. Don’t get to big headed Dustin, its really a variation of a trick :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, its the video that makes you look silly… :roll_eyes:


Haha, I was going for a seatwrap to seatwhip, and it went all wrong and this came out, at the landing I just had to laugh coz this wasn’t what I planned at all! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’ve seen Shaun Johanneson doing it, but he’s grinding instead…

who did the music?

If you want to be technical then its actually a rotator leg around. I am pretty sure it is called a wrap when your leg goes around the seat so the seat is behind you then you bring it infront around your other foot (bad explanation but its what Dan does in defect).

I think it looks pretty cool. Maybe try to do it a little faster. That would be a cool grind variation too.


looks cool

i think that is pretty dank… :astonished: