Trick Requests Game.

I just had this idea. If we can get some good people on this thread. We should have people request tricks, and then everyone tries that trick, first person to do it gets a point and they pick the next trick.
Request #1: A 180 unispin to seat drag to that hopping seat whip move. I just think it would be a really cool loking trick.

could you be more descriptive. im not sure i even understand which trick this is…

I think he MAY be talking about the trick where you go from seat drag in the front to seat drag in the back by jumping.

are you talking about the thing where you drop the seat and hold it in your feet and then spin 180?
if yes, you couldn’t really do that out of a seat drag…

180 unispin drop the seat ride, then jump over the seat while grasping the wheel with your legs, since the seat is on the ground. You’ll jump over the seat to sitting drag in the back, you started in the front.


this sounds like some nuts ass shit. if i didnt suck so much ide do it, but i do, but i plan on becoming better hopefully. but u never know, i got worse at skating every day so this might be the same

Has anyone at all here landed a seatwhip? I was under the impression that the only ones who have landed them are Frenchmen or Germans who don’t post here.

Your game is a nice idea, but I don’t think the seatwhip is a good way to start it off.

I don’t think anyone has landed a seatwhip yet. Don’t think it would actually be that hard when someone does get it, but I have yet to see it.

If your referring to the move where you bounce around with the seat dropped and hop over it so it is in front or back, that is kinda a silly looking trick, but it is probably the first step to learning a seatwhip

i dont fully understand this seatwhip, ive seen where the person has the seat on the ground infront of them, jump and have it go under them to end up behind them

)–0 jumps 0–(

so what excactly is the seatwhip, im just fully grasping the image from your discriptions yet lol

A seatwhip would be where you air up and fling the seat/frame 360 degrees around on it’s vertical axis. It is the same thing as a seatwhip stall (it’s in the U2 trailer), but without stalling on anything. Been a trick that a lot of riders have thought of doing for 10+ years, but I don’t think anyone has really taken the time to learn it…

Oh, i get it now, i landed my first one of those today =p

I pedal grabbed on a electrical box (one of those big green ones that are like 3-4ish feet off the ground) and that also was my highest SIF hop ever, then im up there and started thinking “i saw it on a movie, so i bet i can do it” and threw my seat, caught it as it came around, jumped off, and landed =p

I wanna see someone do this trick now, without stalling on something youll need to get some good air-time lol

OK I meant that trick where you hop over the seat, and I meant from back to front. If no one here can do that then let’s have someone else start it off. First one to request a trick gets the request. Also if you can’t win without posting a video of the trick (That was probably obvious, but I didn’t say it).