trick questions

ok for all these tricks how hard are they to learn and how long did it take you to learn them.

here are the tricks

2.180 unispin
3.ride one footed

there might be some more but for now there are some of the tricks. also I know how to do them i was just wondering how long it took you to learn and how hard you think the trick is to learn

i’d can’t speak for crankflips, as i havent learned them yet.
however, i can say that 180 unispins are fairly easy to learn.
most of its in your head. it only took me 3 days to learn. leg armour helps alot.

as for one foot riding, i learned that in about 5 days, but i was less experienced. it is really simple to learn.

crank flips are beyond me. unicycling is about sucking it up and going for it. uni spins are no exception. maybe 45 min. of focusing on it. one foot is just having less control. 45 min. to an hour

yesterday i got one foot riding in two minutes now i can ride any where I want one footed

today I am going to try crank flips and unicpins but i don’t know

I got uni-spins and 1 foot riding in a couple of hours…not sure about crank flips though.


i learned onefooted pedaling in a few days by practicing a little each day
its easy once you get the motions down

but what is a crankflip?

A crankflip is when you jump and kick the cranks to spin them in the air then land on the pedals again.

correction… for a crankflip you would actually kick one pedal (with your “front” foot) to spin the wheel while in mid-air… you just lift your other foot so it’s out of the way of the spinning cranks. the trick is done similar to a skateboard flip trick: you flick the pedal downwards while moving your foot outwards.

trials_uni, for giving street riding advice without a license (or any street skills) consider yourself cited. your fine is 100 miles of muni riding with bent pedals and loose cranks.

YAY!!!I loosen my cranks and put my bent pedals on my Muni and hit the trail today!

180 unispin took me about 45 min. 10 revs 1 footed took about 1/2 hour.

Stick with the unispin, much easier. Well actually ive only ever tried one crankflip in my life so there’s my experience for you…

I agree, unispins (180s anyway) are easier than crankflips (IMO).
I’ve never had the balls (or shinguards :roll_eyes: ) to try a crankflip though.

for unispins, you just have to -do it-. As long as your feet land on any part of the cranks/pedals, you should be fine. I landed my first one after about 4 tries, a short break, and then another few tries. i find it easier to land them if I’m trying to “show-off my 1337 unicycling skillz” to someone.

wheelwalking took me a while to learn. I held on to a mailbox and balanced with one foot on the crown, and the other on the tire. then pushed the wheel with one foot, and moved it onto the crown; pushed with the other foot, then moved it back to the crown - repeat.

1ft ww came not long afterwards. i’m still working on gliding, though I can coast a couple of feet while 1ftww’ing.

grinding isnt very difficult unless, maybe, you’re grinding down a handrail along a set of stairs, but so far I’ve kept my grinds to funboxes at skateparks.

1ft riding. well. not so hard. takes some practice, but it isnt as hard as other tricks - though I can’t 1ft ride with my left foot yet.

pirouettes. easiest IMO if you ride towards a person/pole, touch them with one hand, and sort-of pull towards yourself. I’ve done a 720 before. I admit, it’s not as much of a pirouette as it is spinning in place. i can’t do an actual pirouette, i guess :sunglasses:

another thing that I like to do sometimes is riding in one direction, stopping, and, instead of hopping180 to change direction, I just throw my weight and spin on the tire. eh, maybe not so cool, but neither am I :stuck_out_tongue:

I can ride a unicycle though!

With learning to ride with one foot i found it best 2 ride along then take my foot off the pedal 4 1rotation then back on. next i learnt next to a lamppost putting me foot on the frame and just feeling where it should sit. then once i was confident i put the two skills together.
as for unispins and crankflips i would love to be able to do them but i keep chickening out

i got 1 ft riding and 180 unispin. I got 1 ft riding like the second or third try and I got 180 unispins in like 10 to 15 minutes. I haven’t tried crank flips but I might try them tomarrow depending on the weather and what else i’m doing. does anybody have any advice for them. I have read some stuff on them and on the technique but just haven’t tried them.

180 unispins are easy as, its 90% in your head. it took me about 30-45minutes.

1ft riding took me about 2hours to do about 10revs and about 5-6 days to do as many as i wanted.

im not quite up to crankflips yet

i didn’t get crank flips yesterday. i tried them twice and had a few questions that I think I posted in another forum. I am going to post them here two. can I make it easier to get my feet out of the way

ok i guess I just had one questions or i can’t think of any more right now. I also have some questions on some other tricks. drags pushes
3.wheel walk

can I get some tips on these. I have another question about one of the tricks do i get my seat to come back up after i do a seat puch it just hits the ground and stays.

Thanks for answer all my questions on trick and it has helped me along the way with