Trick possibility? casper ¿

Can / Does anyone do this as a stall, the back foot on the tyre/rim and front foot under the saddle post? Could also be done with back foot on the crank i guess, but might cause some damage.

im a noob to unicycling really but im taking up trials uni and wondered if it had been done successfully before.

Sorry if allready posted

there’s something kind of like you what described called a kick-up mount,


Yo in my mind dan heaton has allready invented the closes thing to it. With a grind and frame kick. Seems to me to be the same trick with a unicycle. But not sure. Great grind to know too. Possible mix it up and grind goofy and do it, just for visual reasons. Laters

Yeah exactly like a kick up mount but holding it before mounting yet not standing on the floor.

I just got done trying it,and let me tell you,
watch your shins!